About Us

Established in the year 1999, Tapi Food Products is pioneering itself as a major manufacturer of Papaya Tutty Fruity in the country. Within a decade Tapi Food Products has developed into a key player across numerous categories of fruit based products in the Indian food industry. Tapi Food Products has made a presence felt in the market with its quality and innovative fruit based products. Under the great enthusiasm and visionery approach of Mr Ghanshyam Lukhi, Tapi Food Products has measured a journey of success while maintaining all the nature friendly standards. We are the leaders in Papaya Tutty Fruity in India.

Since its establishment, we at Tapi Food Products have been working relentlessly to determine and satisfy our customer’s needs by providing products of greatest value through innovation and excellence. 



Being the largest producer of Tutty Fruity in Gujarat, Tapi Food Products has now become a growing name for different fruit based products in India. The brands from the Tapi Food Products have become household favourites in recent years and are the preferred choice in various segments such as Fruit Jam, Fruit Jelly Bar, Syrups, Squash, Karonda Cherry, Fruit Jelly Cuts etc. In retail sector also, the our brands are synonymous with quality fruit based foods and we strive to continually pioneer innovation and create excitement within the category. The sustainable and ecofriendly journey from farm to laboratory and then to every household has made our products synonymous to freshness and quality.


Product History

  • Establishment : 1999(May) with Papaya Tutty Fruity.

  • 2004: Tapi Food Products has established present Factory under KVIC’S REGP Scheme, and launched “MUMMUM” brand Tutty fruity Re.1 Sachet first time in India.

  • 2006: Installed India’s first Solar Steam Generating System for Food Processing with 10 parabolic Schaffeler dishes and Launched new products Sharbat & Jelly Cubes.

  • 2007: Launched Fruit Jam jkuiy

  • 2009: Launched Karonda Cherry

  • 2010: Launched Depositor Jelly Candy bar “Boleto“

  • 2012: Launched TAPI Fruit Crushes.

  • 2014: Launched Fruit Jellypop,Amla Candy,Mixed Fruitbar,Multi Vitamins Gummies.

  • 2015: Launched Real Fruit Katli and Tomato Ketchup

  • 2016: Launched Real Fruit Syrup & Fruit Jelly Balls and  Jelly Fruit Bear.  

  • 2017: Luanched Tamarind Taste of Imli Ball & Fig Jam.