Ensuring top quality is vital responsibility that requires continuous checking at each production point we conduct our processes with utmost care.

For Tapi Food Products, quality control begins with the selection of raw materials and continues throughout the production process until finished products are delivered to customers around the globe.

We recognise, that in order to maintain its position in must always work to improve its business and processes. This is something we take very seriously, as verified by internal and external reviews processes that we take constantly to improve ourselves as well as to ensure that our customers get the same consistent quality with all our products.



Our processing plant is designed and constructed in the ways that enhance food hygiene.

We also administer a high standard sanitation program in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices(GMP). Our commitment to product quality is also demonstrated in the guidelines that are in place for worker safety and hygiene. We employ stringent hygiene practice that consistently ensure the highest product and safety standards.

Currently, we are working towards getting ISO 22000:2005 certification for our establishment. With our army of some very dedicated and sincere individuals we hope to achieve the same soon.